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The Brand Aid Inc. team is comprised of individuals who thrive on finding solutions to ambiguous problems.

Brand Aid Inc. evolved from the passion, ambition and drive that the co-founders possessed after co-creating and founding the multimillion dollar brand, Rock & Republic. Their outstanding reputations in the industry lead to other industry professionals reaching out for their expertise. The overwhelming demand from industry professionals organically lead to the creation of Brand Aid Inc.  In 2011, partners Andréa Bernholtz and Chad Kladstrup founded Brand Aid Inc. along with a team of industry specialists, to guide other industry professionals, aspiring designers, brands and companies in the fashion industry to the global success of which they had achieved. Top executives have sourced this team for their industry experience, knowledge and resources. The team's ability to listen, analyze, plan and implement actions to achieve results is based from an insider’s prospective. They have truly been there and they truly have done that – they know what it takes to get you there too.


Her uncanny ability to not only remember a face, a name and even their life story makes Andréa a natural networker and extremely affable. Pair that with a relentless drive and passion, and Andréa has become a powerhouse in the fashion industry. With her natural ability to impress, Andréa was extremely successful during her early years as an actress which nurtured her talents in sales and marketing while promoting, representing and developing brands. She applied those skills in 2002, when Andréa joined forces with long time friend Michael Ball, to co-found the global lifestyle brand known as Rock & Republic. Actively taking an idea and bringing it to fruition, Andréa assembled and managed a team to grow the world’s sexiest premium denim brand with sales of over one hundred million annually, to a successful complete lifestyle brand by developing and managing multiple categories including cosmetics, accessories and ready to wear. As the President of Rock & Republic, Andréa traveled the globe and launched the West Coast denim line into fashions premiere doors throughout the world. Andréa pioneered and elevated denim that had previously been known as an American staple into what has now become accepted and recognized as a global symbol of fashion. As a recognized face at fashion week across the globe, and a member of Us Weekly’s Fashion Police Team, Andréa has mastered her skills for branding and marketing among the top elite. Those skills are what have now driven her to co-found the rapidly growing boutique fashion consulting agency, Brand Aid Inc.

An instinctual entrepreneur, Chad Kladstrup has always had the knack to know a good thing when he sees it. His impeccable work ethic and drive to succeed are strengths that have allowed him to be successful in multiple avenues. Be it retail operations, merchandise management, planning, design, development or sourcing, Chad has excelled through it all. While working as a buyer for a major department store in Hawaii, Chad realized that he couldn’t procure certain products year around – until he discovered the wonderful world of private labeling and special cuts. He was able to design, source, and produce his store’s needs year around and continue to generate strong revenues. This new knowledge took him to Los Angeles regularly, where he reconnected with Andréa Bernholtz and eventually teamed up to launch Rock & Republic. Being the first employee at Rock & Republic, his proven ability to build a brand by designing, merchandising, marketing, and sales, was key to the company’s success. He launched the brand with the co-founders, and eventually established their successfully luxurious retail division. With the collaboration of Andréa Bernholtz, they transcended the lifestyle retail aesthetic many have tried to recreate. Joining forces again with Andréa was an easy decision, and one that has already proven to be triumphant for their shared clients and endeavors.

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